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Round Range Hood Filters Catch Oil Smoke and Purify Air

Round range hood filter is a sort of round type grease filter that is installed in range hood. This standard round shape range hood filter is made of layers of expanded aluminum foil strips with aluminum frame surrounded. Round range hood filter is usually used in kitchens at home, dining halls of restaurants, schools and commercial kitchens.

Round range hood filter has aluminum frame and a center hole
Aluminum round range hood filter has 9-1/2" diameter and 3/32" grommet in center
Two round grease filter constructed of expanded aluminum mesh enclosed by an aluminum frame and a grommet in center
Two 9-1/2" round grease filters suitable for range hood


  • Good air purification and ventilation properties.
  • High temperature endurance.
  • The round type frame and small round grommet in center makes the appearance beautiful.
  • Available sizes are suitable into your range hoods.
  • Easy to wash in hot water, flowing water with detergent.
  • Easy to install.
  • Long service life and economical in price.


  • Material: aluminum.
  • Structure: aluminum foil strips surrounded by aluminum frames and round center grommet.
  • Diameter: 9-1/2", 10-1/2", 11-1/2".
  • Center hole size: 3/32".
  • Mesh filter layers: 3 to 4 layers.

Round range hood filters are commonly used in range hoods for catching grease oil in domestic kitchens, kitchens in dining halls, government, restaurants, etc.

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