Range Hood Filter Product List

  • Baffle Range Hood Filter

    Baffle range hood filter is used in a range hood ventilation system to absorb oil smoke to help purify the air and prevent fire during cooking.

  • Honeycomb Range Hood Filter

    Honeycomb range hood filter has honeycomb-design curved channels, inner aluminum foil strips to catch oil smoke and the frame is sturdy with rivets fixed.

  • Mesh Grease Filter

    Mesh grease filter is a part of the range hood, made of stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized steel for catching grease oil to the filtering duct.

  • Perforated Grease Filter

    Perforated grease filter has sturdy structure made of stainless steel, aluminum steel is used to catch oil and eliminate odor in kitchens.

  • Round Range Hood Filter

    Round range hood filter is constructed of expanded aluminum mesh pad, a grommet in center and surrounded by aluminum frame.