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Baffle Range Hood Filter - Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized Steel

Baffle range hood filter, also called baffle grease filter or grease baffle filter, is a kind of range hood filter in a range hood ventilation system. Baffle range hood filter is made of aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel. The layers of roll-formed baffles are designed to catch oil smoke, prevent oil and flame, making the kitchen clean and safe. Baffle range hood filter has a highly effective (approx. 94%) oil smoke purification and fireproof function. Three or more hood filters are needed in a range hood and they are widely used in domestic kitchen, kitchens in restaurant, dining hall in government, school, etc.

A stainless steel baffle grease filter fixed by sturdy frames with rivets
495mm W × 495mm H × 48mm D stainless steel baffle grease filter
An aluminum baffle grease filter has handles on both vertical sides of the frame for easy assembly and removal
406mm W × 254mm H × 50mm D aluminum baffle grease filter has two handles for convenient removal and holes on frame for easy catching oil
Detailed structure of aluminum baffle range hood filter handle welded in the middle of the frame
The handle welded on the frame provides convenience for range hood filter assembly and disassembly
A detailed display of sturdy stainless steel baffle range hood filter frame
The sturdy range hood filter frame stabilizes range hood filters


Galvanized steel grease baffle filter with two layers of baffles resists corrosion, rust. And it eliminates oil and flame as well.
609mm W × 609 H × 50mm D galvanized steel grease baffle filter withstands high temperature in harsh conditions
  • Baffle range hood filter is made of stainless steel, heavy duty aluminum steel or galvanized steel. The rigid structure ensures the filter durable.
  • Stainless steel grease filter has anti-corrosion, anti-rust, easy-to-wash property.
  • Aluminum grease filter is lighter for easy handling.
  • Galvanized grease filter has smooth surface and won't stain.
  • Withstand high temperature ranging from 250°F to 700°F.
  • High efficient oil smoke purification and fireproof function.
  • Baffle-design filters accelerate the oil smoke flow speed and prevent oil dripping into the food.
  • The baffle style filter is beautiful and sleek.
  • Standard size of filters fit into standard range hoods.
  • Easy to install and remove from the range hood with handles.
  • Easy to wash with brush and detergent in hot water.
  • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
  • Low maintenance and economical in price.
Baffle Range Hood Filter Specification
Material stainless steel 201/304/430, aluminum, galvanized steel.
Thickness 0.4mm - 0.5mm
Rated airflow (m3/second) 1.2 - 1.8
Temperature endurance 250°F, 450°F, 900°F
Normal size (W × H × D) (mm) 390 × 390 × 48, 395 × 395 × 48, 395 × 495 × 48, 406 × 254 × 50, 406 × 305 × 48, 406 × 406 × 48, 406 × 508 × 48, 406 × 635 × 48, 490 × 490 × 48, 495 × 495 × 48, 495 × 395 × 48, 495 × 395 × 45, 500 × 500 × 25, 500 × 500 × 30, 500 × 500 × 48, 508 × 254 × 48, 508 × 406 × 48, 508 × 635 × 50, 508 × 635 × 48, 609 × 609 × 50, 625 × 395 × 48, 625 × 495 × 48, 635 × 508 × 48, 635 × 406 × 48, etc.
Weight (kg) (according to the size) 2.49, 2.72, 2.95, 3.18, 3.63, 3.86, 4.65, 5.22, 5.44.
  1. Packed in a waterproof polybag then into carton with 5 - 6 pieces.
  2. Wrapped with fixed belt.
  3. Then load them onto a pallet with 20 - 30 boxes.
  4. Set in the container.
Baffle grease filters are wrapped in polybag, then they are put into the carton and closed by fixed belt
Strict packaging ensures baffle grease filter's safety

Baffle grease filter consists of two layers of stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized steel V-shaped baffles and fixed by sturdy frame with heavy rivets. Baffle grease filter can also be constructed with handles for easy removal. The handles are available in lock type handle, bail handle and rigid handle.

A sketch that displays lock-handle, bail-handle and rigid handle respectively
Three kinds of handles are used for assembling and removing range hood filters

When the air goes through the V-baffle system, it undergoes a series of compression, expansions and pressure changes. The heavy grease is deposited safely and quickly on the baffles while the grease-free air passes through the filter and up to the exhaust duct. The baffle's smooth surface enables the collected grease to run off into collection troughs without dripping on food, utensils or burner surfaces.

The baffle grease filter needs cleaning regularly to make sure it works well. It can be soaked in hot water and washed using detergent, or can be washed in the dishwasher.

Baffle range hood filter is mainly installed to range hood system widely applied in domestic kitchen, restaurant kitchen, dining halls in government, school and many places where there are kitchens.

A range hood with three stainless steel baffle grease filters are used in kitchen
Baffle grease filters are installed on the range hood to catch oil smoke in kitchen
Several handled grease baffle filters come in line to work in restaurant kitchen
Many grease baffle filters work together to ensure the air clean and prevent fire

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