How to Choose from Various Range Hood Filters

Established in 2000, our company has over 17 years of experience of researching, developing and selling baffle range hood filters, honeycomb range hood filters, mesh grease filters, perforated grease filters and round range hood filters. These range hood filters are made of quality stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized steel and have anti-corrosion, anti-rust, high temperature resistant properties. It is believed that such range hood filters are perfect choices for your kitchen range hood ventilation system.

The main range hood filters

According to the pattern

A stainless steel baffle range filter with handles

Baffle Range Hood Filter

Baffle range hood filter has sturdy baffle-type structure. The baffle filter's unique roll-formed design can effectively prevent flames from penetrating through the filter into the duct. Besides, the handles on the filter bring convenience for easy handling when assemble and remove the filters.

A honeycomb range hood filter with handles on the vertical sides

Honeycomb Range Hood Filter

Unlike baffle range hood filter, Honeycomb range hood filter has honeycomb curved foil-crimped filtration mesh with aluminum frame. The dense mesh holes on the pad provide oil holding capacity and low resistance and ventilation function. The handles on vertical frames make filters easy to remove.

An expanded mesh grease filter surrounded by firm frames

Mesh grease filter

Mesh grease filters are available in knitted mesh, expanded mesh, welded mesh front pad. Inside the filters, there are layers of foil strips for catching oil smoke. Also, the stainless steel, aluminum frames stabilize the mesh pads as well. These filters are widely used in kitchens for air purification.

A set of two round range hood filters with aluminum frame and grommet in center

Round range hood filter

Round range hood filters are round-shaped with a small grommet in center. They are constructed of expanded aluminum foil strips and aluminum frames surrounded. The round range hood filters absorb grease, smoke as well as dust to keep the air clean and sanitary in the kitchen as well.

According to the material

Durable and easy-to-wash stainless steel grease filter suitable for high volume range hood

Stainless Steel Range Hood Filter
Range hood filters made of stainless steel are more durable, sturdier, easier to wash. Moreover, they perform well in catching oil smoke. Thus, they are more efficient. As for the price, stainless steel range hood filters are a little bit expensive than aluminum ones.

A light and economical aluminum grease filter for low volume kitchen range hood

Aluminum Range Hood Filter
Aluminum range hood filters are not only low in price, but they are lighter in weight. It is suggested that if you apply range hood filters for high volume kitchens, a stainless steel one may be a good choice. While for low volume kitchen, aluminum is the right one.

The galvanized grease filter resists corrosion, rust for endurable use when catching oil smoke

Galvanized Steel Grease Filter
Galvanized steel grease filters mainly have galvanized surface, which can resist corrosion, rust, alkaline and other poisonous chemical materials. Due to the zinc coated surface, the grease filters can be used for a long service life than ordinary grease filters.

Why choose us

Various and quality range hood filters

  • We produce baffle grease filters, honeycomb grease filters, round grease filters, mesh grease filters and perforated grease filters.
  • Grease filters are made of quality stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel. They can endure corrosion, rust, heat and poisonous chemicals.
  • These grease filters perform well in kitchen ventilation system for catching oil smoke, keeping air purification.
Sturdy baffle filters installed in range hood applied for kitchens
The grease filters we produce passed quality check for reassuring use

High standard quality-check requirement

  • Each production process of grease filters is strictly checked by our quality checkers and the grease filters are repeatedly tested to make sure they work well and can be delivered to customers.
  • The quality of our products is accepted by quality supervision bureau and own high standard quality certification.

Specialized producing ability

  • The advanced production equipment is brought in from abroad.
  • We have large-scale production workshop for workers to manufacture grease filters.
  • We provide employees with specialized technology training in process.
We provide specialized training and standard producing process of grease filters
We have fast, free product-delivery and large loading capability

Top-level service

  • We have high-speed packing and loading capability.
  • We provide home delivery service to reassure you.
  • Twenty-four hours of online service to reply your questions and give you feedback at any time.
Hot Products
  • Baffle Range Hood Filter

    Baffle range hood filter is used in a range hood ventilation system to absorb oil smoke to help purify the air and prevent fire during cooking.

  • Honeycomb Range Hood Filter

    Honeycomb range hood filter has honeycomb-design curved channels, inner aluminum foil strips to catch oil smoke and the frame is sturdy with rivets fixed.

  • Mesh Grease Filter

    Mesh grease filter is a part of the range hood, made of stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized steel for catching grease oil to the filtering duct.

  • Perforated Grease Filter

    Perforated grease filter has sturdy structure made of stainless steel, aluminum steel is used to catch oil and eliminate odor in kitchens.


How to Clean Range Hood Filters

Periodically cleaning of range hood filters not only can make them work well but also prolong service time.